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I have lived in Indiana for more than 20 years and am proud to call it home! I was born in Michigan, spent my elementary years in Scottsdale, Arizona and made a brief stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before my family settled back down in Michigan, where I graduated high school. I then spent my college years in Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State in 1986 with a major in Finance and minors in Economics and Spanish. Those were years that I will never forget with the TriDelts, Greek Leaders, Campus Service and amazing friends. At the very end of college, I met a Wildcat guy, John, (University of Arizona) who later became my husband. In the time that we dated, we had to work through the issues of being HUGE rivals of two Pac-10 schools. When we graduated college, we both worked in California.  I was in northern California, while John was in Los Angeles. Ultimately, we found that if we moved to the Midwest, we could “cure: some of our undergraduate rivalry issues! So we made a move out to Chicago while John completed grad school and in 1991, we finally settled down in Zionsville, Indiana. After the move, John began working for Eli Lily & Company and I began a career in medical sales, until 1996, when our third child, AnnCatherine, was born. I took some time off and in 2004, I decided it was time to go back to work; this is when I made my move into real estate.

John and I are proud parents of four living children. Our oldest, Tim, is a senior at the University of Georgia and we do not get to see nearly enough of him! He is involved in his fraternity, Phi Delta theta, UGA’s Visitor Center and is currently interning for the State Department at the US Embassy in Bolivia. Our oldest daughter, Lillie, just graduated from  Zionsville Community High School. She is headed to Mizzou to study journalism.  Our daughter AnnCatherine is a sophmore, also at Zionsville Community High School, and she is a cheerleader and tennis player. This is pretty impressive, because AnnCatherine has Down Syndrome and must overcome many obstacles to do what she does, she was honored last fall to be the freshman homecoming princess!  Our youngest, Mari, is an eighth grader at the International School of Indiana, where our two oldest also attended all the way through middle school. Mari is also a tennis player. We love the culture at the International School, as well as the people, academics and the fact that our children are trilingual by the time that they go to high school. We have also had an amazing experience with the Zionsville Schools and cannot say enough about the academic support we have received for our AP scholars as well as for our special needs child!   In 1991, we finally settled down in Zionsville, Indiana. After moving, John began working for Eli Lily & Company and I started a career in medical sales, until 1996, when our third child, AnnCatherine, was born. I took some time off and in 2004,made the move into real estate.

I am fluent in Spanish and think that I am Latina. I have had the honor of being a part of a Presbyterian Church plant in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico for several years, and I have loved every minute of it! Not only am I fluent in Spanish, but I know enough French to be dangerous! I enjoy using my language skills “for good and not evil” by teaching a Spanish home buying class for first time homebuyers.

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Although Indiana offers me neither the mountains of Colorado for skiing nor the beaches of South Carolina, but I am proud to call it my home!